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Report | New Wine Into Old Wineskins?

This research paper has been written as part of the Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ)’s efforts to increase community access to information and participation in the development and governance process in Zimbabwe. It reviews recent changes to the information laws and institutional frameworks that safeguard access to information in Zimbabwe with the view of appraising some of the access to information needs for the media and citizens during the electoral period and how such needs could be addressed in terms of the recently enacted Freedom of Information Act (FOI) and other statutes that provide for citizens’ access to information during and beyond elections.

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The Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ)

The Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ)

The Media Alliance of Zimbabwe (MAZ) is an alliance of media support organisations including the Media Monitoring Project Zimbabwe, Media Institute of Southern Africa (Zimbabwe chapter), Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ), Zimbabwe National Editors’ Forum (ZINEF), Gender and Media Connect (GMC), the Media Centre, the Zimbabwe Association of Community Radio Stations (ZACRAS), the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe (VMCZ) and the African Community Publishing Development Trust (ACPDT).